What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

The fire moved swiftly through our hotel kitchen, causing severe damage to the entire area where we prepare food for guests. Luckily, you were available to answer our call.


I was sure I would have to move after the fire tore through several rooms in my house. This company worked long hours bringing it back to how it used to be. My family and I thank everyone of you.

Thanks to your team for cleaning up the mess and working around our people to help us get the doors open again so quickly.  

I have never seen such care and compassion from a company during my stressful time. Your team helped to restore my outlook on things as they very expertly restored my house’s fire damages.

I never thought it could happen to me, but when the wind came in my window and blew over the candle I had burning, it had devastating effects. Luckily, this company quickly came to my rescue to handle all my repairs.

Amazing work from the SERVPRO team. They are true fire damage restoration experts. You guys really saved our Punta Gorda home. The smell of smoke is gone. Thank you.

My child left her blanket too close to the fire and a spark that landed on it started a horrendous fire. We were so thankful for the professional services of your company and the timely manner in which you repaired our home.