What our Customers say...


The fire moved swiftly through our hotel kitchen, causing severe damage to the entire area where we prepare food for guests. Luckily, you were available to answer our call.


Charlie, Little T, and Big T did a great job handling the water mitigation at my home. They were here in the time frame specified and kept me informed throughout the process of getting my home back in order. Their professionalism and respect stood out the most and I highly recommend them!

Very positive experience. Professional. Sean inspected, answered all questions.

Jeff and Sean were so on top of everything.  Explaining step by step and did a remarkable job servicing our damages.  They were very polite and professional and cared about our home.

I was sure I would have to move after the fire tore through several rooms in my house. This company worked long hours bringing it back to how it used to be. My family and I thank everyone of you.

I had the scare of my life when that tree came through my living room. Thank goodness your team was who I called to fix it up.

My workers and I are so thankful to your team for getting us up and running again so quickly after the fire in our factory.

You guys did an amazing job cleaning up all the water in my house. We never even had to leave for the night.

It’s a good thing I heard about SERVPRO just last month, as I had to call them in to clean up mold under our sink and you’d never know we had a problem in the first place.

Thanks to your team for cleaning up the mess and working around our people to help us get the doors open again so quickly.  

It was comforting to have a team of professionals in my home that knew what they were doing, and showed respect for us and our home.  They did a terrific job.

I have never seen such care and compassion from a company during my stressful time. Your team helped to restore my outlook on things as they very expertly restored my house’s fire damages.

I know a lot of other business owners I’ll be recommending SERVPRO to after the great job they did for me.

I’m so glad we called you for help in cleaning up our mold problem. Thank you for your prompt service.

My friend recommended this company. I was impressed with how much they knew about my water damage and how quickly they fixed the problem.

Thanks for helping us get back on our feet so quickly after the storms.  

Sean was very thorough and explained things very well.  Your team was terrific.  

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to send this personal note to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate your hard work and compassion in helping us clean up after the storms.  Even though we knew it was coming and thought we did everything we could to prepare, we weren't prepared for the devastation it caused in our shop.  We thought there was no way we could recover, but you and your team came in and took over, and it was confidence inspiring.  Within a short time our anxiety level came down, and we are so relieved, and it's great to be back in business.   Your patience and kindness made all the difference for us. 


Art and Sharon P.

Your team was very prompt and efficient.  We were able to continue working as they worked.  Did an excellent job.

I was so thankful that this is the first company we called when we experienced the floodwaters invading our home. They reassured us throughout the process of remediation and took care of all our damages after getting the standing water out of our home.

I never thought our home was going to be back to normal after our roof leaked in all the severe thunderstorms we had lately. However, this company was able to restore our home back to the way it was before the damage.

Floods can have such devastating effects on your home. This company is the one to go to if you ever experience flood damage in your home – they are totally professional, courteous and knowledgeable.

I never thought it could happen to me, but when the wind came in my window and blew over the candle I had burning, it had devastating effects. Luckily, this company quickly came to my rescue to handle all my repairs.

No matter what I did I could not get rid of the musty odor in my home – I thought I was going to have to move. But your knowledgeable technicians discovered mold in my walls that I didn’t see and you saved my home.

I am so grateful for your company. You were able to solve my mold problem which was worsening my health conditions, and now I can breathe so much easier.

I write this review in recommendation of the flood pros at SERVPRO. Their attention to detail and customer service was amazing. We cant believe how fast the damage was fixed and we were able to move back in. Thank you.

Great cleaning and repair service from the SERVPRO team. They are water damage repair professionals. They helped me with the insurance paperwork and cleaned up all the water damage in my house as well as the repairs. We appreciate the efforts of your team.

Luckily I called these experts after water flooded my living room after a storm. They did a great job with the cleanup and rebuild. Since that time, any water damage issues I have with my Tamiami Trail home, I only trust the professionals at SERVPRO.

When mold and mildew prevented us from hosting guests in our home, we realized that we had to do something about the problem. We called this team of mold removal professionals. It was a job well done.

Amazing work from the SERVPRO team. They are true fire damage restoration experts. You guys really saved our Punta Gorda home. The smell of smoke is gone. Thank you.

I never thought our home was going to be back to normal after our roof leaked in all the severe thunderstorms we had lately. However, this company was able to restore our home back to the way it was before the damage.

Finding someone to help you with water damage repair service, can be a difficult task. We called SERVPRO and they were a trustworthy and dependable company. They cleaned and repaired the water damage in our North Ft Myers home. Thanks.

All of your expectations will be exceeded when you use this company for your water damage problems. They are very knowledgeable and were very courteous every time I spoke with them.

My child left her blanket too close to the fire and a spark that landed on it started a horrendous fire. We were so thankful for the professional services of your company and the timely manner in which you repaired our home.