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Water damaged wall.

Keeping the Bones Healthy

Water Damage Restoration in North Ft. Myers, FL

Whether your home has encountered a minor spill or a major flood, one of the biggest concerns is actually unseen elements of your home -- the framing. Water left unaddressed behind walls or within subfloors can fester into a litany of issues, including mold growth and rot. No matter what caused your water damage restoration need, SERVPRO is here with the training and technology to restore your home or business faster and better!

Water damage from mold

Unexpected Damage

Water Damage Restoration in North Fort Myers, FL

Often, water damage takes on disconcertingly unusual form. This home suffered mold damage as a result of a moist environment. Water damage festers in damp atmospheres, and our SERVPRO teams are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to remediate the damage and protect your home against further damage. 

Water damage on ceilings.

Addressing the Details

Water Damage Restoration in North Fort Myers, FL

Water damage wreaks havoc in a variety of ways, and often, an untrained eye may miss specific areas that need to be addressed. Our highly trained professionals work smarter and harder to ensure that the entire problem is addressed and your home or business is safeguarded from ongoing problems. 

Fire damage above cabinets.

Kitchen Fire Damage

This kitchen fire erupted and caused major problems throughout the house. Not only were our employees able to remove the effects of smoke damage, but we were able to get the homeowner back in her home in record time. When you are dealing with a fire or smoke disaster, SERVPRO is ready to help 24/7!

Fire damage to ceiling.

Fire Damage in North Fort Myers, FL

This home in North Fort Myers, FL suffered a significant kitchen fire that left smoke damage throughout much of the house. Our highly trained professionals are equipped to handle fire damage and protect your home from ongoing damage. 

Severe mold growth on a wall.

Mold Flourishes Under The Right Conditions

When a mold infestation has the right conditions, it can cause a ton of damage to your home or business. Calling our SERVPRO team as soon as you notice signs of a potential mold infestation is crucial to prevent a massive mold problem!

Green SERVPRO car parked.

Disasters Don't Only Occur On A 9-5 Basis

Being there to help around the clock is important when you are in the disaster restoration industry. Disasters don't only occur on a 9-5 basis, they can happen at all hours of the day. If your home or business in Fort Myers suffers from a loss, don't hesitate and give us a call!

Team member giving speech at Christmas dinner.

Annual Christmas Party

We had a great time with our team at our annual Christmas Party. This year, we celebrated at Columbia. We are so thankful for our crew and we are happy we could celebrate Christmas together this year.

Ceiling during soot cleanup.

Solana Soot Cleanup

Our SERVPRO of North Fort Myers team is the #1 choice for all your fire damage cleanup and restoration needs in the Solana area. Fire, soot, and smoke damage are only some of the many services we offer!

Air mover on floor.

Getting Your Business Back To Normal After Damage

Our biggest priority is to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible following a water damage event in Fort Myers, FL. Our crew understands the urgency and the importance and will work hard to make your loss seem "Like it never even happened."

Front of SERVPRO van.

Trust SERVPRO of North Fort Myers for an Immediate Response

You can always count on our SERVPRO of North Fort Myers team to be available for an immediate response. No matter the day or hour, our team is always on standby and ready to respond to your water, fire, or mold damage event to your home or business!

Weighted extraction in action.

Weighted Extraction in Action

Our crew is currently using weighted water extraction equipment to remove water from the carpets in this local office space in Fort Myers, FL. SERVPRO of Nort Fort Myers can get your business back up and running after a water loss!

water pooled on the floor of an office

Standing Water in Office Space

Standing water in this office space calls for immediate water extraction! Our team works around the clock to ensure we are able to respond to emergency water damages and start the mitigation process. Starting water extraction ASAP helps to prevent microbial growth after a water loss. 

a demolished bathroom with mold on the white walls

Mold in Bathroom After Water Damage

This bathroom had to be stripped down to the studs after a water loss. Our team utilized penetrating moisture meters to see how wet the framing of the bathroom was. The sheetrock had to be taken down so we could fully dry the structure of the bathroom. 

green SERVPRO truck parked by the beach

Working With A View

That SERVPRO green sure looks good parked by the beach! We can't complain about work when we have a view like this from the commercial facility we are working to restore. Our team is here to help! 

Leaky Toilets Lead to Restoration

When this local Punta Gorda, Florida businesses bathroom experienced some extensive leaks we were there to help. When water damage is this bad, we sometimes must remove walls and floors as seen here to remove hidden moisture. 

Footprints Show Extensive Effects

This picture shows a recent water damage restoration clean up in Fort Myers, Florida. These foot steps clearly show how extensive the damage was! When water permeates through carpets in this way, we utilize our training to restore the space. 

green SERVPRO vehicles outside a residence

Our Team is "Faster to Any Size Disaster"

When you are dealing with restoration emergencies, the stress and confusion can be daunting. That is why our team at SERVPRO of North Fort Myers is always "Faster to Any Size Disaster" to begin the restoration process and get you back into your property as quickly as we can. 

Moisture Creates Mold

Water damage affected this Punta Gorda home. After that was taken care of, mold was found to be growing in the home. Moisture is the main culprit in mold growth as was the case with this home. 

Home Clean Up in Fort Myers

Home Clean Up After Water Damage

This family home dealt with flooding in their kitchen and dining room. Our SERVPRO of North Fort Myers professionals dried out the excess water and were able to get this family back into their home quickly. 

Water Damage Clean Up Ready in Punta Gorda

SERVPRO of North Fort Myers Has the Equipment 

Our professionals at SERVPRO of North Fort Myers are prepared with our specialized equipment and advanced training to handle water damage like seen here. We use flood cuts as seen here as well as air movers and other equipment to dry and clean your property. 

Storm Cleanup and Water Removal in Fort Myers

The "mail must go through," is almost as famous as our SERVPRO tagline of "Like it never even happened." Fort Myers can count on us to remove the sludge and mess after storm-related flooding has engulfed the commercial site. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We are always at the ready, 24/7 to help our commercial clients and residential customers.

green drying equipment on bare wood floors

Water Damage Restoration In Punta Gorda

We are available 24/7 if your Punta Gorda home experiences a water damage emergency. We are trained in water damage restoration, applied structural drying, upholstery & fabric cleaning, and odor control. SERVPRO of North Fort Myers has the expertise and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

a boarded up building with light plywood with a SERVPRO logo on it

Water Damage – Fort Myers Home

Storm damage at this Fort Myers home was the result of a severe band of thunderstorms carrying high gusty winds blew debris through windows of the house. SERVPRO of North Fort Myers stands ready 24/7 to respond to the emergency needs of our customers. We could immediately dispatch an industry certified crew of trained technicians to board up your windows if necessary.

green mold on white wall

Mold Damage Remediation in North Fort Myers

Mold damage can occur in any room of your home but especially in the bathroom which already has a high level of constant moisture from showers and/or baths.  Contact SERVPRO of North Fort Myers should you find or smell mold.  Our fast response will provide a team of technicians deployed to your home ready to remediate the damage.

Fire and Smoke Cleanup in Punta Gorda

The bathroom fire when a curling iron partnered with some lotions, left a smoky mess and a pungent odor. Hard surfaces can be cleaned up by SERVPRO crew members with our formulated products even as we deodorize the small, fire-damaged room.

Fort Myers Water Removal and Drying

The commercial building suffered some water damage when plumbing gave way and soaked a wall area and the carpeting. Heated air movers are busy at work drying out this Fort Myers corridor. SERVPRO techs understand the strategic placement to maximize airflow and evaporation.

black mold on the bottom portion of a white wall

Mold Restoration In Fort Myers Shores

SERVPRO knows the damage mold can cause to your home. Our mold remediation specialists are available 24/7 and are the best in the industry. Our fast response will help limit your damage and reduce your restoration costs. SERVPRO of North Fort Myers has the mold damage experience, specialized equipment, training, and IICRC certifications needed to return your home to pre-damage condition.

green drying equipment in the back of a truck

Water Damage - Ft. Myers

Water damage in Ft. Myers demands rapid response times to minimize the effects of the damage. SERVPRO of North Fort Myers maintains trucks loaded with the necessary water restoration equipment so they can be dispatched on a moment's notice. Our trained and certified technicians are standing by 24/7 to answer any size disaster call.

Fort Myers Stormy Weather

Yes, water intrusion is often the result when a storm hits the Fort Myers area. By calling SERVPRO, local residents and "snow birds" understand that the damage can be mitigated by rapidly removing the water and drying out the area.

green drying equipment in a building with floors removed

Commercial Water Damage In Punta Gorda

Commercial water damage restoration should be left to the professionals at SERVPRO of North Fort Myers. We have the advanced training, experience, and specialized equipment to handle large commercial water damage emergencies. Whether your commercial water emergency occurs in a small office building or large retail store, SERVPRO will respond immediately to mitigate the damage and manage the restoration job through to its completion. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Mold Remediation in Fort Myers

Patches of mold develop when excess moisture is available to the dormant mold spores that have settled on an organic food source. Fort Myers can be a very humid area, so SERVPRO suggests keeping the RH relative humidity at 55% or less in the interior of your condo or home.

Storm Soaked Carpet and Walls--Fort Myers

Water drenched carpets can be lifted, and air movers can "float" them to rapidly increase the evaporation rate and salvage these floor covers from Fort Myers area properties. SERVPRO has the equipment and technicians for a successful conclusion.

Sewage Backup in Punta Gorda

Since contaminated backups from a sewer blockage can expose employees and clients to bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, professional cleanup and restoration is a requirement. SERVPRO can provide certified technicians to reestablish a safe environment.

Fire Damage from a Clogged Vent--Ft. Myers

A very preventable fire damaging event in Ft. Myers is maintaining a free moving venting system for the clothes dryer. SERVPRO can clean up the burnt area and also clean out the HVAC ductwork and flex tubing.

Water Removal In Fort Myers

When it comes to water removal, you want a company that is a leader in the restoration industry. SERVPRO is your best choice, and with our team of highly trained water restoration technicians, we will restore your property to pre-damage condition. During the water damage restoration process our water removal and cleanup specialists will use advanced water inspection, extraction, and drying equipment. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Punta Gorda Wind Storm Damage

The severe windstorm damaged the roof of this Punta Gorda home and dislodged stored items in the attic. SERVPRO techs can clean up and remove the damaged ceiling elements and also cover the opening in the damaged roof. Fast service, our forte, can mitigate damages.

Mold Damage – Fort Myers Home

Mold damage struck this vacant Fort Myers home when a poorly sealed window allowed moisture to wick into the drywall creating a perfect breeding ground for mold growth to develop. The drywall would need to be replaced and the window seal repaired.

Fort Myers Smoke & Fire Residue in a Kitchen

The smoke stains on the ceiling of this Fort Myers kitchen is a common sight in many parts of Florida. The affected area should be contained with physical barriers to prevent the migration of the residue to other areas of the home. SERVPRO technicians can use dry sponge treatments to remove most of the soot and perhaps make a repainting unnecessary.

standing water in a property

Storm Damage – Ft. Myers Office

Storm damage at this Ft. Myers office occurred when rainwater from the outside when a clogged storm drainage pipe was clogged near a rear entrance to the building. SERVPRO of North Fort Myers technicians has the equipment and expertise to restore your facility to preloss conditions and get you back to work.

green servpro equipment on a flatbed

Commercial Water Damage – Punta Gorda

Commercial water damage in Punta Gorda can come in large sizes of losses requiring specialized large loss equipment to combat the disaster. SERVPRO of North Fort Myers can provide equipment to match the enormity of the disaster. Pictured here is a commercial-sized trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifier.

Punta Gorda and a Moldy Ceiling

The dampness, due to lack of air-conditioning, led to a significant mold infestation and damage in this Punta Gorda home. The drywall was weakened and required a demolition which was done in tandem with HEPA filtered air scrubbers to minimize the spread of mold particles and spores.

Water Damage – Fort Myers Bathroom

Water damage at this Fort Myers home was caused when the toilet supply line burst over a weekend when the homeowners were away. Enough water was leaked to drench the flooring and sub flooring along with the lower portion of the drywall where water wicked up the walls. We cut away the drywall and disposed of the flooring. Then we dried the affected areas and sprayed an antimicrobial substance on them to inhibit future mold growth.

Punta Gorda Microwave Exhaust Hood Fire

The greasy buildup ignited this hood in a Punta Gorda home creating a smoky mess. The fire damage was minimal, our SERVPRO  team can ready clean up and refinish the cabinets and walls. No need for replacement. We can also deodorize the kitchen and remove the smoke odors from the structure.

Commercial Flooding in a Ft. Myers Building

The groundwater flowed into this construction project in Ft. Myers carrying with it mud and debris. Water and flotsam must be removed before attention could be geared for drying out the walls and disinfecting the entire affected area.

Fire-Ravaged Kitchen in Punta Gorda

The fallen, charred and wetted insulation and ceiling materials can be cleaned up by SERVPRO fire and smoke damage restoration technicians. The importance of returning moisture levels to pre-fire conditions and the extraction of smoke particulates are critical to a wholesome indoor air quality.

green servpro truck parked on grass

Water, Fire and Mold Remediation in Ft. Myers

Our SERVPRO of North Fort Myers  truck is ready to help clean and restore commercial and residential properties in the Ft. Myers area.  Our highly trained team has experience in water and fire restoration as well as mold remediation. We can make the damage go away “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO is the company you know and trust. We are available 24/7/365 help restore your property back to the paradise it was prior to the damage. Call us first for a fast response. 

Mold Damage – Punta Gorda Office

Mold damage at this Punta Gorda office lunchroom began with a leak in a water line behind the sink. Ultimately the mold damage spread to the entire area behind the cabinetry. All of the cabinets need to be replaced.

Extensive Water Damage in Punta Gorda

The water line in the attic ruptured while the occupants were away for the weekend. A large amount of water saturated the ceiling and wall paneling, rendering them non-salvageable. The demolition phase of the water damage restoration illustrates the attempt to dry out the framing and mitigate the damage.

Ft. Myers Reception Area Water Problem

The water line in the restroom ruptured, and the carpet was flooded with clean water as a result. We arrived quickly, used wands and floor mats connection to our equipment to extract the moisture. Our fast service prevented any structural damage to the walls. The management company was extremely pleased with our sense of urgency.

Punta Gorda Storm and Flooding

The storm waters were contaminated with mud, detritus, and sewage. Special care was needed to extract the water, dry out this carport and the lobby area before storm damage restoration could begin. Unfortunately, most of the furnishings were not salvageable, but we did minimize the demolition of the walls.

Punta Gorda Fire Damage

This garage was burnt when the gas water heater malfunctioned and started a fire resulting in Damage to this Punta Gorda Property.  Our techs discarded all the non-salvageable items and structural materials before beginning the restoration process. Upon completion, we had another happy customer.

flooded parking garage with green buckets on the floor

Ft Myers Flooded Parking Garage

Our SERVPRO tech is vacuuming out standing water on the surface of this parking garage in Ft. Myers. Even though it is not a retail store with plenty of foot traffic, sanitizing the concrete decks after the water removal is considered an IICRC best practice procedure. Sanitize and try to prevent microbial situations.

brown hair like mold near pipes

Stringy, Hair-Like Brown Mold in Punta Gorda

This brown, stringy mold was found by our mold technicians at SERVPRO of North Fort Myers growing around the air conditioning system of a house in Punta Gorda, Florida. This type of mold can grow on porous building materials that have been wet for a long time. The air conditioner in this home had a clogged condensate drain line that allowed moisture to accumulate in the surrounding materials for months. Safely removing this type of mold requires the kind of trained experts in mold remediation that you'll find at SERVPRO of North Fort Myers. Call our team at the first signs of mold growth! 

ozone generator

Tamiami Trail Fire Damage Left Odor to be Treated

Fire damage to a Tamiami home left the unmistakable odor of fire and smoke damage behind to be cleaned. The family was shaken up about all the destruction the fire had done and the water damage the house incurred during the firefighting battle. But, in the midst of the restoration, they were most concerned that the odor would never go away. Our technicians have received the finest training available, and they possess the experience to mitigate all the elements of a home fire. The house was cleaned up and restored quickly, and the odor and soot removal was aided by the use of sophisticated equipment like the ozone generator pictured here. If your family forced to deal with fire damage to your home, call SERVPRO of North Fort Myers. We are ready to help.

black mold on white walls

Mold Damage at Punta Gorda House

Mold damage at this Punta Gorda home resulted from a plumbing leak. With the introduction of moisture into dark places, mold can spread to dangerous proportions within 48 – 72 hours. Allergens and irritants that have been associated with mold spores can have health effects on the occupants making it doubly important to treat the condition quickly and professionally. We responded promptly when the owners of this home called. We sealed the affected room to isolate the mold and then began to clean up and treat the infestation. Our technicians are trained, accredited, and experienced. They had this room back in top shape in not time to the delight of our client. Don’t hesitate if you detect mold damage. Call SERVPRO of North Fort Myers. WE provide 24-hour emergency service.

Green 1972 Dodge Charger

1972 Dodge Charger is faster to any disaster.

SERVPRO of North Fort Myers provides 24-hour emergency service. We are dedicated to responding immediately to residential or commercial restoration needs. Yes, we are faster to any disaster. Our SERVPRO fleet of mean green machines includes the pictured 1972 Dodge Charger. The 1972 Charger introduced a new "Rallye" option to replace the R/T version. The Rallye was the performance model for the Dodge Charger for the years 1972 through 1974. The Rallye was equipped with the detuned 440 cubic-inch engine with four-barrel carburetors, hydraulic lifters, and five main bearings. The result was 280 horsepower. Starting in 1972, all engines featured hardened valve seats to permit the use of regular leaded or unleaded gasoline rather than leaded premium fuel as in past years due to tighter emissions regulations. Our local team has the experience and equipment to restore your North Fort Myers area home or business back to pre-damage condition.

green drying equipment in a home with a flood cut

Storm Damage – North Ft Myers Motel

Storm damage affected numerous rooms at this North Fort Myers Motel. We were called due to our considerable experience and the sheer volume of equipment that we inventory. The owner wanted quality work, but he also needed his down time to be as brief as possible. Our crews worked 24 hours per day to bring this project to completion. The owner was very complimentary when speaking of our staff. If your business is halted due to storm damage, we will commit the resources to get back to full speed just as fast as we can.

green drying equipment

Drying Equipment Used after Pine Island Flood Damage

When flood damage to a Pine Island commercial building needed to be cleaned up SERVPRO was called. Our disaster response teams are armed with the most sophisticated commercial water removal equipment available. The air movers and dehumidifying equipment they bring to the job site are state-of-the-art. We monitor the water extraction and drying process continually using high tech measuring devices to assure a job well done and provide needed documentation to client’s insurance companies. If your property suffers flooding, SERVPRO of North Fort Myers.

a thermal imaging camera

Water Damage – North Fort Myers Uses Hi-Tech Device

Water Damage in North Fort Myers

is detected by SERVPRO with the help of Thermal Imaging Cameras. This technology makes locating exactly where the water damage repair is required much easier than it was in the past. The images and information provided by these instruments can decrease the water damage cost and the time needed to complete the project. Cost and time savings are always good news to the property owner and insurance company. If your home or office suffers water damage, call SERVPRO of North Fort Myers 24/7.